Store2Hydro is a Horizon Europe project enabling Europe's hydropower storage potential through sustainable and ecologically sensitive pumped storage technologies.

Project Overview

22 TWh/y

Increase in electrical storage capacity


Innovative pumped storage technologies


Theoretical efficiency of pumped storage

Sustainable Hydropower storage is our mission

Store2Hydro will optimize electricity storage by integrating reversible pump turbine technology into current hydropower infrastructures in an ecologically sound way. This has the potential to augment European storage capacity by up to 22TWh/y. The project will validate pumped storage solutions to TRL5 whilst identifying untapped hydropower reservoirs.

Our Primary Aims

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Validate innovative pumped storage technologies

To validate technology (to TRL5) capable ofcreating pumped storage systems on a larger scale than current solutions, particularly for high head Reservoir to-Reservoir (RtR) applications, involving novel reversible pump turbines approaches.

Create digital twin technologies for long-term storage

Digital twins will be developed to  optimize long-term pumped storage in Run-of-Rivers and Reservoir-to-River hydropower systems across Europe, integrating retrofitable pump technologies to maximize storage capacity in these scenarios.

Assess business case and operational scenarios

Business cases and operational scenarios (e.g. looking at capital and operational expenditure) will be assessed for the pump and storage technologies to support future commercial integration and uptake by hydropower operators.

To be ecologically sensitive in all our approaches

Store2Hydro will ensure sustainability by addressing environmental aspects such as circularity, carbon cycle, sensitivity to aquatic life, and public acceptance of the technical solutions presented.

Why Hydropower?

Hydropower is a key player in Europe’s journey towards a renewable energy future. Hydropower is a renewable energy source because it relies on the water cycle, which is continuously replenished by precipitation. As long as there is rainfall or snow melt, hydropower can be generated, making it a sustainable option for electricity generation and storage. It can also support the integration, balance and usage of intermittent forms of renewable energy such as wind and solar and provides the electricity grid with additional services such as stabilising the output frequency and voltage.

Project News

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Phd Position in Sediment Management -Bologna

A PhD position is available within Store2Hydro on Sediment Management in Hydropower -University of Bologna


Store2Hydro Project Kicks-off in Brussels!

We are happy to announce that our project formally kicked-off in Brussels on Feb 1 (along with the tractors!)


More Store2Hydro News Coming Soon

Store2Hydro started life in December 2023. We will be updating this website with more news soon. Stay tuned!

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