Work Package 1: Storage Potential in Europe (Lead: Technical University Vienna)

Main WP Objectives: 1) Identify and map untapped hydro-storage in Europe 2) To analyse different storage technologies and their combinations 3) Investigate, evaluate and develop the potentials identified by 1) and 2). These will be fulfilled by the following tasks.

Task 1.1: Mapping storage potential in Europe

This will be applied to low and high head storage capacity and storage technology combinations.

Task 1.2: Implement energy scenarios for further investigation

Two to three European scenarios will be defined concerning different generation and transmission situations in the European energy system.

Task 1.3: Selection of feasible use cases

Based on task 1.1 (potential) and task 1.2(demand), feasible combinations in terms of hydraulic parameters and environmental and social acceptance will be analysed.

Task 1.4: Pre-feasibility studies

Use cases from Task 1.3 will be ranked within this task, the most promising ones selected and parameterized for every defined scenario. Subsequently, we will perform market simulations and calculate the resulting power flows within the European grid for selected configurations to derive specific load profiles from the market perspective regarding the use cases as defined in the data flow schematic.

Main Outputs:

D1.1: Map of hydro-storage and combined potential in Europe (Month 12)

D1.2: Report defining the European energy scenarios (Month 24)

D1.3: Report defining feasible use cases (Month 36)

D1.4: Report on results of Pre-feasibility studies (Month 46)