Work Package 2: Innovative storage solutions (Lead: NTNU)

Main WP Objectives: 1) Develop new technology for the effective utilization of the storage capacity in existing and retrofitted hydropower plants. 2) Develop new digital twins including hydraulic and sediment dynamics models for pump-storage that can considerably increase the availability and robustness of the mechanical storage capacity in existing RoR and RtR systems.

Task 2.1: Development and optimization of azimuth thruster for the reversible pump turbine

The key objective is to design and develop a rim-type azimuth thruster that will create sufficient suction head (NPSH-available) without cavitation for RPT in pumping mode to store energy.

Task 2.2: Rim-driven electrical motor for the pumping mode of the RPT

The azimuth thruster booster pump needs an electrical motor to be driven. We envisage a rim-driven electrical machine where we will investigate both axial and radial flux alternatives.

Task 2.3: Development of Digital twin for hydraulic modelling

A tool to create generic digital twins for pump-storage in RoR will be developed.

Task 2.4: Development of Digital twin for sediment management

Aiming at optimizing sediment management the basis for the building of generic digital twins will be developed which will include the simulation of pump-turbine technology effects at different scales (e.g., the reservoir, the river reach) and for different schemes: RtR and RoR.

Main Outputs:

D2.1.1: Numerical model validation (Month 18)

D2.1.2: Thruster design (Month 30)

D2.2.1: Motor Initial Design (Month 24)

D2.3: Hydraulic analysis report including sensitivity analysis of geometrical features for RoR (Month 24)