Work Package 5: Validation of innovative hydropower storage solutions (WP Lead: Lulea Technology University)

Main WP Objectives: 1) To validate the functionality of the azimuth thruster to upgrade storage in pumped hydropower plants. 2) To validate the feasibility of pumping in run-of-river hydropower plants. 3) To validate the investigated and optimized pump storage technologies – digitally (twins) and in physical hardware and prove their functionality both in real RtR and RoR applications.

Task 5.1. Validation of the azimuth thruster in combination with reversible pump-turbine

This task aims to carry out proper validation of the optimized thruster (Task 2.1) in the laboratory and the relevant environment. After completing the mechanical design and obtaining input from the Task 2.2, the thruster will be manufactured and the existing draft tube of the model RPT will be modified.

Task 5.2. Validation of digital twin for hydraulic modelling

The digital twins for hydraulic modelling of pumped storage developed in WP2 will be extended to real case-studies and validated for two relevant hydropower reaches where sediment transport is not a limiting factor for HP-PS (one located in Northern Europe (in Luleälv, for instance) and one in Central/Southern Europe).

Task 5.3: Validation of Digital twin for sediment management

Sediment dynamics will be simulated in WP2 by means of mathematical modelling (e.g., CFD). In this task we will assess and validate the results from WP2 digital model regarding sediment transport. Particularly, we will address the effect of pumping vs. turbine cycle rate and duration on long term morphological changes in the reservoir and river channel and the consequent optimal sediment management.

Main Outputs:

D5.1: Validated thruster with RPT (M48)

D5.2: Rim drive performance (M48)

D5.3: Validated digital twins for hydraulic modelling (M48)