Work Package 6: Investment and operational costs (WP Lead: Aker Solutions)

Main WP Objectives: To define and validate optimised business cases for energy storage integration solutions to facilitate future activities towards commercial uptake. This includes to optimise the interplay between CAPEX and OPEX.

Task 6.1. Business case innovative pumped-storage

The results from especially WP1 (T1.3&T1.4) but also WP2-5 will provide proof-of-concept for RoR and RtR-PS and will disclose unused hydropower storage potential in such systems. Business cases based on those results will here be developed with increase in power and flexibility as the main gain.

Task 6.2. Business case innovative turbines

The technology and system solutions developed in the other WPs will expand possible market offerings and potentially drive more complex business models. We assess this potential through modelling/MVPs using the outcome from the project WPs to build and simulate commercial potential.

Main Outputs:

D6.1: Business pumped-storage (M40)

D6.2: Business turbine technology M40)