Work Package 8: Consortium Management and Ethics (WP Lead LTU)

 Work Package Objectives: Manage the project in a sound manner and provide a platform for communication between the European Commission and the project consortium. Specific objectives are as follows: 1) To ensure all legal and financial obligations of the project are adhered to. 2) To undertake comprehensive sound management of the project to ensure fulfilment of project objectives. 3) Conduct and provide support to the consortium for fulfilment of the EC reportingrequirements.4) Ensure compliance throughout the project with respect to ethics, data management, and gender issues. 

 Task 8.1: Manage legal and financial aspects 

• Implement and monitor the fulfilment of the Consortium Agreement liabilities by all partners.

• Support change management, with respect to changes to GA or CA documents if required.

• Manage Intellectual Property Rights as per discussion in Section 2 above

• Monitor compliance with GA requirements and procedures and eligibility such as sub-contracting

• Receive the EC financial support and distribute among the partners according to their respective share according to the Grant Agreement.

• Establish and maintain a project payment plan to follow-up of cost and work performance through cost and schedule performance indices. 

Task 8.2: Project planning and execution  

• Produce the required project documentation for the GA, the EB, the AB, the consortium and the Commission.

• Ensure that the project execution is according to the Consortium Agreement, the Grant Agreement, and the overall project plan.

• Organize regular meetings together with WP leaders tocontrol the progress of the work and to ensure cross disciplinarycommunication.

• Managing the risk in collaboration with the WP-leadersand the EB.

• Organize and facilitate all necessary GA meetings.

• Organize annual technical workshops.

• Coordinate the participation of the Consortium in the audits and reviews arranged by the Commission.

• Establish an internal reporting structure that allows for monitoring of work performance on a regular basis. 

Task 8.3: Periodic Reporting to the Commission  

The PC (LTU) will be responsible for ensuring the collation and timely submission of Periodic reports required by the EC.  

Task 8.4: Ethics (Leader:NINA) 

The task is led by the Ethical officer Oddgeir Andersen. An ethics self-assessment has already been performed revealing issues with survey and interviews. However, there are two additional ethical issues to consider throughout the project according to:

• Research ethics: Survey and interviews will follow standard procedures for GDPR and informed consent participation.  

• Ethics related to hydropower pump storage and sustainability.

• Unknown ethical issues will be reported and addressed as soon as discovered. 

Task 8.5 Data Management  

The task is led by the Data Manager Anna-Lena Ljung and deals with establishing, maintaining, updating and implementing the Data Management Plan (DMP). The activity will ensure the project complies with good Open Science practices without violating laws and binding agreements e.g. regarding sensitive or personal data collected during the project. 

Task 8.6 Gender Aspects  

The task is led by the Gender Officer Lena Abrahamsson and a plan for gender equality in the project will be developed describing the current situation, goals and activities to reach these goals. A mid-term (M24) survey will also be conducted to identify and help eliminate discrimination in the project’s organization and will work as a base to update and improve the gender equality plan. 

Main outputs: 

D8.1: Management guidelines including signed CA (Month 3)

D8.2: Data management &gender plans ( Month 6)